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“From Broken to Better than Ever”
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About Evolution and Abundance

Many people experience a crisis in life, whether it is the loss of health, a loved one, a marriage, a career. It is a time of pain and chaos, and it can be a dark time of despair and terrible loneliness.

Louise HaySometimes even friends and family, community and colleagues, are not enough to help you through a process of personal growth towards wholeness.

I am a Licensed and Certified Life Coach, Workshop Leader and Teacher of the Louise Hay methodology as outlined in her book, You Can Heal Your Life. I take my clients through her process to assess where you are in your life, how to redefine yourself, leave the past behind and move forward with new self-love, forgiveness of others, and true transformational healing.

noun evo•lu•tion

: the process of working out or developing
: a process of change in a certain direction : unfolding

Awareness of where you are emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally. Setting goals, recovering, reconnecting and moving in a new direction.

noun abun•dance

: an ample quantity : profusion
: relative degree of plentifulness

Regaining joy, a sense that "all is well", well-being, good things coming your way. It could also mean regaining financial security, friendships, wholeness.

"Part of self acceptance is releasing other people's opinions." --Louise Hay

Meet Sheryl.


  What my clients are saying:
  The idea of doing mirror work was scary. Sheryl put me at ease, kept the tissues nearby,
and I am beginning to see a change in myself. I have a long way to go, but Sheryl’s encouragement and calm manner are supporting me.”
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