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“From Broken to Better than Ever”
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I moderate and host the Change your thoughts, Change your LIFE Meetup Group - Visit Now

Upcoming Workshops

  • - A 3 hour workshop on developing positive and effective affirmations that can change your life. Cost includes workshop materials and the book “Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen” by Patricia J. Crane, PhD. Cost -  $40.00

  • A 3 hour workshop exploring the mind/body connection. The concept that our physical ailments are connected to what is going on in our minds and lives was the basis for the ground-breaking work of Louise Hay. Spend a morning learning about how you can use your mind to heal your body – you have nothing to lose but your aches and pains! Cost - $35.00

  • A 6 hour workshop exploring stress- reducing practices. Do you feel tired and fatigued? Are you interested in learning simple, yet powerful techniques to help you gain energy and live a more balanced, joyful life? Reducing Stress is an inside job may be just the workshop you need. This program will teach you techniques to reduce stress, and increase balance and peacefulness. Through proven relaxation methods, creative thinking, time management and effective communication skills, we will explore methods to help reduce the stress in your life. Cost - $75.00

  • A 3 hour transformational workshop to create a shift in your life. Have you been struggling in some areas of your life? Do you really believe you deserve a wonderful life? Are your unconscious belief sabotaging you? In this workshop you will learn how to find what beliefs are limiting you now; use techniques to transform those beliefs; love your Inner Child; forgive the past; and, welcome more good into your life.

All workshops will be held in my home which provides a peaceful and private atmosphere. Payment of the registration fee is easily accomplished by etransfer to Upon payment of the registration fee, you will receive the address. If you find it necessary to cancel your registration ( at least 72 hours in advance of the workshop), you will receive a refund for 50% of the registration fee.


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"My new world is a reflection of my new thinking." --Louise Hay


  What my clients are saying:
  I loved your presentation very much! With opening your heart and sharing your
story you will touch many others. The exercises and the whole workshop was
very professionally done."
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