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Evolution and Abundance Services

I offer several one-on-one wellness services: (click below to jump to descriptions)

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One-on-One Guided Process

I will work with you to take you through the Louise Hay workbook for You Can Heal Your Life. Heal Your Life - Louise Hay

We will move at your pace, chapter by chapter, to apply the wisdom and insights of her teaching to your life circumstances, challenges, and goals. As a licensed teacher of Louise Hay's methods, I will help you understand and apply the techniques of:

• mirror work
• forgiveness and releasing the past; inner child work
• self-love
• writing your own powerful affirmations

This process will enable you to recover and reconnect with your self, your dreams, and your future.

One-on-One Sessions: $60/hour

Louise Hay had a difficult childhood, experiencing her parent’s divorce and physical, mental and sexual abuse as a young child at the hands of her step-father. Louise ran away from home, and built a life for herself in New York City as a model, and wife of a businessman. It was a diagnosis of cervical cancer that caused Louise to examine her life and personal belief systems and their impact on her present circumstance.  Through a great deal of study, reflection, dietary change and metaphysical work, Louise cured her cancer without conventional treatment. She went on to share what she’d learned about herself and her journey with others, becoming an activist for and support worker for people suffering from HIV and AIDS. Louise has published many books detailing her philosophy, and currently You Can Heal Your Life has sold over 50 million copies!

Louise Hay’s philosophy is based on the premise that “what we think about ourselves and the world becomes true for us” .To change our life, we must first change our thoughts. To accomplish this, Louise developed a methodology to enable individuals to develop awareness of their negative beliefs, to release old emotions, to love themselves more fully and to practise these techniques in order to change their lives.

"The more resentment I release, the more love I have to express.." --Louise Hay

Financial Services

Sometimes a personal crisis stems from financial problems, and sometimes, personal crisis results in financial problems.

My career as a Finance Administrator has prepared me to assist my clients with budgeting, and financial skills to manage their affairs better. I offer a full financial review and budgeting services. I take a hands-on, non-judgmental approach to assess your financial picture. I provide a basic, comprehensive budgeting system that is easily understood (no software purchase required).

The financial plan that works is the one that YOU create, and can take ownership of with coaching and support from me.

Financial Services: $35/hour

Spiritual Awareness & Wellness

At Evolution & Abundance, my vision for wellness is founded on the belief that true health encompasses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

All my clients are encouraged to address and pursue health in each of these aspects.

My spiritual practices include prayer, mediation, daily readings from popular current spiritual writers, as well as from 12 Step literature, angel cards, reiki and yoga. As my client, you are not required to participate in what have become my personal choices in my own spiritual journey. However, you will be encouraged to investigate a spiritual practice that helps you with your overall healing and growth.

I am happy to share my list of empowering spiritual authors as well as my expertise in the following components of my spiritual practice:

12 Step Programs

Twelve Step programs provide a template for personal growth and sobriety that have been an integral component of my spiritual development. I have moved away from organized religion toward a personal spiritual practice that supports and nurtures my beliefs.

Beyond simply abstaining from alcohol or other substances and addictive behaviours, many have found the practice of 12 Step Programs is invaluable in the home and workplace for guiding responsible behaviour.

I have been a member of 12 Steps programs since 1997.


Reiki is the energy of the universal life force that is abundant and available to everyone. I am a Certified Reiki Master and have practised Reiki since 2007; I am proficient in hands-on as well as distance healing practises.

Different areas of your body are capable of harboring certain emotions you are feeling and thoughts you are thinking. The result of this interaction between mind and body can be irritation, inflammation, pain or even illness. Exploring the connection between our physical bodies and the emotions we are feeling and carrying is fundamental for becoming aware of how Reiki can provide the healing we need. That is why each session you receive from me will include checking in with your mind/body connection. Then through the placement of my hands on or above your body (respecting your personal boundaries and preferences) in the appropriate Reiki positions, the unseen life force of healing Reiki energy which is flowing all around us and through us will flow through my hands and into your body exactly where it is needed.

In the Usui Reiki process that I practise, the universal energy is directed to increase your sense of well-being, and your capacity for healing, whether that is physical, emotional, or spiritual healing.

Reiki is offered independently or in conjunction with other Evolution & Abundance services.

Reiki: $75 - 75 minute session. I am a registered and Licensed Practitioner through the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada®, and your Reiki treatment may be covered under some EHC plans and Health-Care Spending Accounts

Each session includes Mind/Body Connection analysis, Personal Healing Intention Worksheet as well as a full body reiki treatment to restore, balance and heal any areas of concern.

Angel Cards

My connection with angels began as a child and was rekindled a number of years ago when I was searching for a deeper spiritual connection. Regular connection with the angels has been personally empowering and encouraging to me, and has brought me satisfaction, grace, comfort. Unseen life forces operate all around us. Some people have been trained to access and understand these forces within a variety of religious traditions and spiritual practices.

I am an Advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner®, a Certified Angel Tarot Reader® and a Certified Angel Card Reader®. I received my training in Calgary from Cindy Smith, AAEP and in Pasadena as well as online from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, all leaders in the practice. I have also trained with other Angel Intuitive practitioners.

Angel Card readings are offered independently or in conjunction with other services offered by Evolution & Abundance.

Angel Card Reading: $30 / 30 minute session or $60 / 60 minute session

Angel Card sessions may also include Chakra Clearing, Cord Cutting, Energy Ball Releasement or Belief System Changes as appropriate.

"I move from the old to the new with ease and with joy." --Louise Hay

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