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“From Broken to Better than Ever”
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Meet Sheryl

"Let me help you move from broken to better than ever." --Sheryl Parkin

Sheryl ParkinEveryone's journey begins with birth and childhood, and our relationships and circumstances in those early years have a profound effect on the adults we become. I grew up in northern Ontario, and carried into my adult life wounds from childhood that I did not recognize or understand. After university and marriage, and a move to Alberta for my husband's career, I began to raise three children and establish my own career in finance in the hustle and bustle of the oil patch.

The combination of stress, unresolved issues from childhood and alcohol led to my first personal crisis in 1997. This resulted in damage to my career, but it also prompted my first steps towards making major changes. With the help of Alcoholics Anonymous, I began to take responsibility for my actions and rebuild my life.

But there was still a piece missing. I still had not faced those deeper issues, and with three young children and a marriage to maintain, my efforts to experience true transformation in my life were limited.

Then came the major crash in 2011, and it was more destructive than the first. The only way forward this time was to tear everything down, be 100% honest with myself, and then truly rebuild my life. That is how I began my journey, "from broken to better than ever."

With the help of Louise Hay's materials, recognition of childhood wounds, and genuine forgiveness of those who have hurt me along the way, I have come to a new place, of "evolution & abundance". Now I can extend my hand to you and others like you, and help you discover what I have discovered. You can heal your life, as Louise says. You can move into a place of abundance.

I know. I've done it, and I know that you can too.

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  What my clients are saying:
  Sheryl, you have a very powerful story; when you said 'I want to live',
it was very powerful for me. Your courage and passion to help shines
through in your presentation. Thank you for sharing your recovery"
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